This is the rumor that panics the Web! Olivia Rodrigo is said to be jealous of her co-star Joshua Bassett’s rapprochement with her supposed sweetheart, actress and singer Sabrina Carpenter.

Recently, the editor of melty offered you a focus on Olivia Rodrigo, the singer who is making the buzz at the moment. The pretty brunette is currently at the heart of the news because her fans are convinced that she is jealous of the complicit relationship between her co-star Joshua Bassett and Sabrina Carpenter. To understand the origin of the rumors, it is necessary to know that the two heroes of the series High School Musical reportedly had a brief romance, before breaking up last year. Shortly after, the actor was seen very close to the star of the Riley’s World, suggesting that they would be secretly in a relationship. Photographed at a luncheon in Los Angeles in August 2020, the duo are now inseparable, video shows TikTok in which he shows off his costumes after celebrating Halloween together. A rapprochement that his playing partner would have mentioned in his new song entitled “Drivers License”.

In its new title, Olivia rodrigo declares: “I got my license last week as we talked about all the time because you were excited for me, that I could finally drive to your place. I guess you weren’t thinking what you wrote in this song about me You said for life now I drive alone on your street. And you’re probably with that blonde girl who always made me doubt. She is so much older than me, she represents everything that makes me complex. I can’t imagine you could be okay now that I’m no longer here. “ For the anecdote, it was with Joshua Bassett that Olivia Rodrigo tried driving for the very first time in her life. Is this piece then in reference to Sabrina Carpenter and him? You be the judge ! Meanwhile, other rumors indicate that Justin Hartley and Allison Mack have been dating in the past.

Credit: Entertainment Tonight


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