Olivia Rodrigo confided in Apple Music 1, we are talking about it right here.

The artist of the moment, Olivia Rodrigo has just unveiled her song entitled“Already seen” and is about to release his first album. For the occasion, radio host Zane Lowe received the star on his show on Apple Music to talk about his new title and the success around son hit “Driver’s Licence” which has remained at the top of sales for eight weeks in a row. Moreover, for Olivia Rodrigo the success of this single is both positive and negative: “It’s a little difficult that this is my very first song, because the success is so great that I feel a little pressure to follow up and hope to maintain this success.”

So obviously, choosing THE song that would succeed him was not easy! The singer explains: “It was really important for me and for my team that we didn’t release another ballad (…) We wanted to show that I am a very versatile songwriter (…) that I create all types of music. “. Asked about her writing process, Olivia Rodrigo confides: “I’m a songwriter very much focused on the concept of lyrics. It’s hard for me to play a song when I don’t have any idea for the lyrics.” She then adds: “I really enjoy writing songs, that’s what I like most to do all over the world.” And that’s pretty good, because we love to listen to his songs! Moreover, Olivia Rodrigo is in our playlist of the novelties of the week with Wejdene, Demi Lovato, BTS, Ariana Grande or even Tayc, it is to be discovered right here.

Crédits : Zane Lowe/ Apple Music


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