Announced several months ago, we finally have a release date — and a first look — for No Man’s Sky running on Nintendo Switch. Quite a technical feat for the British studio, given the capabilities of the beast and its sometimes (often) capricious hardware.

In space, everyone will hear your Switch spinning No Man’s Sky

This Switch version, which will be available in digital and physical edition, will include all 6 years of content post launch Game, including the Next Generation, Desolation, Origins, Prisms or Companions expansions – that’s about twenty updates in total, just that. In addition to a trailer for this release date announcement, Hello Games has released a video gameplay showcasing the game in action and narrated by studio founder Sean Murray. The latter is very confident in this port made in-house, praising the work of his team who managed to fit such a daunting game into the hardware of the hybrid console.

Honestly, at the sight of these first images, this Switch version looks relatively respectable – at least, from what we can discern on these videos at the fairly low bitrate. It will be necessary to wait to take the bousin in hand, next october 7, to get to the bottom of it. In addition to this Switch port, No Man’s Sky will also be available in physical version for its PlayStation 5 version on the same date.


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