At a time when internet users and hip-hop enthusiasts only talk about Nekfeu and his album Expansion, the PNL duo continues to dominate the charts. Booba and Jul can attest!

We don’t stop them anymore. While you were told a little earlier that Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa and SZA will be performing at the Amazon Prime Day Concert, it must be recognized that PNL is not lacking in advertising either. N.O.S and Ademo have managed to create a real community of fans around them in a few years. And it’s not SNEP (National Union of Phonographic Publishing) who will say the opposite. After a quick count, the two brothers have a total of 8 diamond singles including “At DD“, “Until the last gram” and “Onizuka”. A big record for a rap group. For their part, Booba and Jul are not to be pitied but have trouble competing with the two brothers.

Yes, Booba has 5 diamond singles: “Little girl”, “Ghetto”, “Tuba Life”, “Infrequentable” and “92I Veyyon“. Finally, Jul has only one single streamed more than 50 million times: “My jewel“! As you can see, we will have to rely on PNL in the history books devoted to French hip-hop. As a reminder, after having dominated the Album and Single rankings with his third album Two brothers, PNL has just unveiled 4 new singles, only available for now on Apple Music. In the rest of the music news, note that Maitre Gims has just released “On Off”, his featuring with Shirin David.


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