Niska and Booba have finally released the clip for “Medication”, the song they share and which hits the charts.

Booba, who unveiled “Arc-en-ciel”, a new melancholy sound that speaks of a breakup, is back in rap. After having hit the headlines with his clashes against his forever enemy Kaaris, the 42-year-old artist is now focusing on his career, before the boxing fight scheduled for the end of 2019. The Duke of Boulogne, who loves collaborate with the latest sensations of French rap, worked with Niska, with whom he shares the title “Drug”. As the sound shines in the charts, the two stars finally released the clip for this song on May 17, 2019 on YouTube.

“Drug” is signed by hit maker Dany Synthé and has collected more than 12 million streams in one month. For the video, the interpreter of “Networks” chose to hang out in the streets of Miami, Florida, where b2o lives all year round. A postcard decor that illustrates the words of the song. Luxury yachts, big racing cars and pretty girls, all the ingredients are there to make this clip a success. With more than 3 million views in three days, the two rappers have not finished talking about them with this collaboration … In the rest of the music news, Booba is still at war with Maître Gims, that he tackled once more on Instagram.


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