The latest Nintendo Switch firmware update 12.0 introduces a whole bunch of features that Nintendo has planned for the future, including the famous 4K!

For several months now, the Nintendo Switch Pro never ceases to be talked about. So much so that lots of rumors indicate many new features for this new version extremely awaited by fans (here are the ones we most hope to see really happen). Among them, 4K, which could well happen thanks in particular to the famous DLSS 2.0 from Nvidia. Until now, we remained at the level of rumor, without any concrete information to confirm these statements. This until today. Nintendo was indeed able to release the 12.0 firmware update for the Nintendo Switch, an opportunity for data miners to have fun, and to discover a lot of information!

4K more or less confirmed?
4K more or less confirmed? – Credit (s): Nintendo

Several experts have indeed decided to dig inside the Switch’s 12.0 firmware code, and have detected a mention: “4kdp_preferred_over_usb30 “. This indication could confirm that Nintendo is preparing to broadcast 4K via the DisplayPort of its future console. Some developers also detect a reference to Cradle Aura, the code name for the Switch Pro. And this is not the only discovery made by data miners: according to them, the Bluetooth driver of the Switch system has been updated, and could thus add one of the features most requested by gamers, namely Bluetooth audio support. More and more current earphones and headsets are indeed wireless, and Bluetooth is a feature that the Switch is sorely lacking. In short, the Nintendo Switch Pro seems to be confirmed a little more every day …


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