After getting up to date with Le Monde Oublié last March, Nintendo’s pink ball returns to its roots with the release of Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards on Nintendo Switch Online. The Nintendo 64 episode will be added to the formula’s retro catalog Additional packon May 20.

So let’s be clear, so good even it’s a very nice, very cute title, Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards is perhaps the softest episode of the franchise. While it benefits from solid production, working mechanics and great minigames, Kirby 64 is sorely lacking in pep and fun – so much so that Dreamland 3 on SNES looks like F-Zero next to it.

Kirby 64 makes its comeback on Nintendo Switch Online

However, some good ideas of game design punctuate the adventure here and there – in particular the combination of powers recovered by swallowing the enemies, which ensure that the pleasure of discovering the crossing of the 6 small planets of the game is renewed. Released just in time for the transition to the year 2000, Kirby 64 benefits from a quality patina, HAL Laboratory benefiting from several years of experience on the hardware, let’s say, in particular, of the Nintendo 64.

The release of Kirby 64 also marked a long slump for the license platformer series which remained, throughout the GameCube generation, confined to the Game Boy Advance. It took until 2011 and the long-awaited arrival of Kirby’s Return to Dream Land on Nintendo Wii to see the pink mascot return to his first love on the home console.


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