While rumors have long been surrounding the arrival of a Pro version of the Nintendo Switch, it seems that some change has taken place internally. The manufacturer was now working on a brand new iteration of the console, which could be described as “Switch 2”.

Available for almost a week, the Nintendo Switch OLED is currently the delight of all its buyers. It must be said that it does not lack assets, starting with its screen of better quality. Nevertheless, and this had caused a lot of reaction when it was announced, this new version of the console does not offer any new hardware and continues to do so with the power of the original console, released in 2017. It is all the more surprising that rumors have been about the arrival of a more powerful model for many months now, for the moment called “Switch Pro”, which Nintendo continues to deny the existence of.. But you start to know the song: rumors die hard.

The Nintendo Switch OLED, the latest from the Japanese manufacturer
The Nintendo Switch OLED, the latest addition to the Japanese manufacturer – Credit (s): Nintendo

Shortly before the release of the OLED model, Bloomberg, to whom we owe most of the information on this famous “Switch Pro”, reiterated his statements in a new report, this time adding that a 4K development kit has even already been provided to several studios. More so, the journalist claimed that his sources told him a release for late 2022 / early 2023. Today, this information finds echo through another source, insider nate drake, which however adds a nuance. It seems that Nintendo has abandoned the idea of ​​releasing a Pro version to focus on a new iteration of the machine, which we could temporarily call “Switch 2”. We would therefore go more or less directly to a new generation.

In the video, visible on the YouTube channel ” Nate the Hate », The insider reconfirms that this new console would indeed be able to offer 4K via DLSS technology and that the studios started receiving the associated development kits at the end of 2020. Different games are already in preparation, whether it’s exclusives or third-party game ports, and the teams are reportedly targeting a release by late 2022 / early 2023, as the Bloomberg report hinted at. On the other hand, it seems that this future console will not be able to offer backward compatibility with the current Switch due to some hardware novelties. Nintendo was working on different options to make this possible.

This is somewhat different from the last bell sounds that we may have had in recent months, even if Bloomberg’s article had already made us understand that the builder had been forced to change its plans along the way because of production and supply constraints linked to the pandemic. But once again, it is fitting to insist thatthese are just rumors. And while Nate Drake has been reliable in the past, it is better not to take any of this for granted until Nintendo announces anything from its side. And for now, the Japanese firm continues to deny any existence of any new console to come, even if it has admitted to being constantly working on new hardware.


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