Nintendo is therefore working on a new version of the Nintendo Switch, with a lot of improvements, especially from a technical point of view. We are talking about 4K in particular …

This is not the first time that we have spoken here of a potential Nintendo Switch Pro. If the name is not yet official, it is the one chosen by the various rumors that have been concerning her for a long time now. And even recently, we have had new (unofficial) information according to which a new “Pro” model of the Nintendo Switch is scheduled for early next year. Finally, the official response was not long overdue, since Nintendo initiated and confirmed the development of such a console indirectly. The information has indeed been transmitted to the American telecommunications regulator, the FCC, in order to obtain certification for the United States, which also allows us to have some information on what it will bring new.

A new, more powerful version?
A new, more powerful version? – Credit (s): Nintendo

So, this new version of the console should support 4K thanks to the integration of a new Tegra chipset developed with Nvidia. We also discover that Nintendo would provide more powerful RAM for this new model. Overall, we are on a real technical upgrade, even if no change in terms of aesthetics is to be noted for the moment. On the other hand, the rumors indicating the improvement of the screen (bigger and with less bezels) or the resolution of the Joy-Con Drift problem have not been confirmed … Yet these are the most insistent requests from fans for a new version of the console. It remains to be seen whether Nintendo will take them into consideration or not!


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