Ninho, Hatik and S. Pri Black have just been nominated for a very prestigious ceremony. We tell you everything.

While we invited you to discover the top albums of the week with Lady Gaga, Hoshi, Hatik, Ninho … we are going to focus on the two rappers. Ninho chain certifications and records! Especially with his album “Destiny” released last year, which contains the hits: The life we ​​lead, Drop of water, Mom doesn’t know it… As for Hatik, it has exploded since he got the first role in the 100% rap series Valid. And know that the success of the two artists goes beyond borders since they have just been named in two different categories at the BET AWARDS ceremony.

Oh yeah, you read it well ! Hatik was nominated in the category: “Best New International Artist”. As for Ninho, he will represent France in the category: “Best International Artist” and it will not be the only one since S.Pri Noir has also been named in this category. They will both compete with Burna Boy and Stormzy among others. We do not know what you think but at melty we find that phew and we will obviously support our artists! See you next June 30 for the results. In the meantime, we invite you to discover Until the end the new collaboration of Amel Bent and Imen Es.


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