Ninho has just set a new record. We explain to you!

While we invited you to discover our music recap of the week with Leto who will do a feat with Niska, Ninho and Dadju who unveiled Grand Bain, Megan Thee Stallion who released a new sound, in short it happened things and we are going to be interested in an artist that we just mentioned … If we tell you: Fate, Zipette or Putana you tell us: Ninho of course ! It has become essential to French music and the certifications it possesses testify to its success. Speaking of which, he has just yet achieved a breathtaking record. We explain everything in the rest of this article.

With this classic For us, Ninho signs his 80th gold single! Yes yes you read correctly: 80th knowing that last year on the same date he had 34. It is only him to do that! We don’t know you but at melty we can’t wait to see what he has in store for us. Between his mixtape “M.I.L.S 3” or his featuring Large Bath with Dadju, he made us want to have more. But while waiting to have more information on this subject, we suggest you stay in the theme of French rap with Alonzo and SPri Noir who have unveiled the clip of Maman Dort, a title that has been a hit since its release.


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