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New school, episode 7: semi-final, featurings and female rap [CRITIQUE]


Penultimate episode of the “New Star of French Rap” currently broadcast on Netflix. And up-and-coming rapper Leys stands out from the rest of the competition.

For those who haven’t heard of New school, musical rap contest New star broadcast on netflixwe’re just going to lay the groundwork. Amateur rappers (except BEn plg or BB Jacques already known in the Cefran underground) come to demonstrate their skills at the microphone to pocket the tidy sum of 100,000 euros. In front of them, a jury of choice made up of the headliners Shay, Niska and CHS. The latest episode on the platform is the semi final. The theme ? Make a featuring with a big artist. Challenge accepted.

During this semi-final, the pressure was palpable between the contenders… And it’s Leysa very promising rapper, who pulled out of the game. She came to perform Pretty Baby with the singer NAZA. An original song by Niska in duet with him. Dressed in a sparkling dress that shone bright like a diamond, the young artist managed to hold her own despite forgetting to write a text during her performance. A memory lapse that SCH did not fail to raise with mischief. Shay, meanwhile, totally validated her stage performance. Result: The young woman was selected among the last three finalists. Well yeah!

A woman can fine a lot of guys…

Leys, despite her stress, rose to the top throughout the competition. In this penultimate episode, she is qualified with Fresh and Elyon, two young rappers by her side.. Leys has the mentality to win this final despite a certain emotionality that she struggles to hide before and after the scene. However, once under spotlight it’s a whole other story, the rapper forgets her stress to finally do the job full time. Off, behind the scenes of New schoolLeys confides in front of the camera: “We all want 100,000 euros, that’s clear. I want to show that a woman can fine a lot of guys.” Talent, determination, poise, abnegation… Leys has everything of a confirmed rapper. It remains to be seen if she will win the final of new school lnext June 23 on Netflix.



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