New school is a French rap music contest on Netflix. A participant is at the heart of the controversy on Twitter. Explanations.

One of the stages of New schooltele-hook rap way New star broadcast on netflixis a session battle. Two rappers compete for 1mn30 on an instrumental. Like in the movie 8 miles with Eminemfor those at the bottom who have not followed. Problem: a candidate from New school was accused of racism during a battle. Indeed, some twittos, who would have been present in the public during the recording of the show several months ago, claimed on the social network that the production of the show would have cut this scene. Contextualization. And explanations…

The battle between KT Goric (no laughing) and Soumeya degenerated somewhat in front of the jury composed of Shay, Niska and CHS. The two rappers insulted each other in particular concerning the physical. KT Gorique compared Soumeya to chewbacca (the big hairy monster of Star Wars). The latter, obviously very upsetdropped a “Fuck your mother !” in offbeat. Embarrassed silence in the assembly and discomfort on the side of the jury. But it does not stop there. According to some tweeters, Soumeya would have compared KT Gorique to Mr Popoone of the characters of Dragon Ball Z. A valve that went wrong with some Internet users because KT Gorique is a young black woman and Mr. Popo is a black fictional character with exaggerated features. Boom! Small controversy and big lynching on Twitter. Users claim that the rapper would be racist. Or at least she would have made a punch line racist.

The sequence cut during editing?

Soumeya, for his part, explained on Twitter that the production had reassembled his passage in the scene of battle for “take an insult out of its context and place it at the beginning of its passage”. The famous “Fuck your mother !” ? She also sent her congratulations to her opponent. Nevertheless, the young woman, in her explanations shared on Twitter, conceals the valve evoking Mr Popo of which the twittos speak. It was a user of the social network who revealed that moments had been cut but more particularly “RACIST comments”. Fiery comments follow in defense of KT Gorique and others of Soumeya. Without ever being able to confirm or deny what really happened at that time since the famous sequence… would have been cut during the editing. Nevertheless, several people corroborate the comparison with Mr. Popo made to KT Gorique. This controversy, filled with imbroglios, gossip on the networks and visibly images deleted from the final cutmay only be in its infancy.


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