Will Smith will soon land on Netflix for the thriller Fast & Loose, directed by David Leitch.

Netflix is ​​definitely on the rise! A few months ago, the platform bought the rights toKnives Out by making one of the biggest deals in cinema. Today we learn by Deadline that the streaming giant would have acquired those of Fast & Loose, a thriller carried by Will smith and directed by David Leitch, the filmmaker to whom we owe Deadpool 2 or Atomic Blonde. If no release date has been announced yet, the synopsis of this project appears however captivating since we will follow the adventures of a man who after having lost consciousness will wake up in the middle of Tijuana, without the slightest memory.

Will Smith in Bad Boys For Life.
Will Smith in Bad Boys For Life. – Credit (s): Sony Pictures

He will then try to piece together the puzzle to discover that he was in reality an undercover CIA agent but also a crime lord. An interesting bet that is reminiscent of the adventures of Jason Bourne in The memory in the skin. In addition, Netflix is ​​not its first attempt at action thrillers after Extraction with Chris Hemsworth and soon Red Notice with Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds. There is no doubt that the platform has been able to sniff out Fast & Loose the right move. We look forward to learning more about this exciting and action-packed project. Count on Melty to keep you informed of the smallest information!

Credits: Deadline.
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