A publishing house is suing Netflix for trademark infringement following the release of Bandersnatch, the interactive episode of Black Mirror. The verdict is in.

Over two years ago, Netflix was a hit with the release of Bandersnatch from Black mirror. The interactive episode got so much attention that it reached the ears of the small Chooseco publishing house, a brand that owns the rights to a series of children’s books called Choose Your Own Adventure. Seeing Bandersnatch – whose purpose was to allow viewers to choose the fate of the main protagonist – the company claimed that the episode of Black mirror had infringed on their trademark and took legal action against Netflix. Today, the trial has come to an end and here is the verdict.

Netflix: On trial for violation of rights on Black Mirror, the verdict of justice has just fallen 1

Bandersnatch VOSTFR trailer on Netflix – Credit (s): Netflix

If it is true that the sentence “Choose your Own Adventure” was mentioned in Bandersnatch (the name of the series of books in question), Netflix admitted to having contacted the publishing company for a project but not for this one. It is important to remember that Black mirror targets an adult audience, while Chooseco specializes in children’s books. Justice therefore ruled and decided not to prosecute Netflix, The Hollywood Reporter revealing that the dispute between the platform and the publisher had been resolved, without revealing the report of its decision. If the delay of season 6 of Black mirror could be explained by this ongoing trial, Netflix will therefore be able to resume its activities, just like Chooseco. This story was ultimately not very interesting, the concept of allowing users to tell their own stories is not new, nor submitted to a single company.


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