Netflix has just announced that its first video games will be available on mobiles, at no additional cost to its subscribers. We come back to the strategy of the American streaming giant.

Less than a week after declaring that he wanted to throw in video games, Netflix confirms its intentions by starting with mobile games. The mysterious project “N Game“of the American platform seems to be revealed in a document revealed by the newspaper The Wrap. We discover a letter from Netflix to its investors or the streaming site explains that “to begin, we will mainly focus on games for mobile devices. We are more excited than ever with our film and series offering and expect more and more investment and growth in all of our existing content categories, but since our original programming is almost 10 years old, we believe that it is time to learn more about our members’ interest in video games.

Netflix will start with mobile games
Netflix will start with mobile games – Credit (s): Netflix

Netflix has already tried to enter the mobile gaming market by adapting its successful series Stranger Things. But this time it’s aboutintegrate a video game service directly into its streaming platform, at no additional cost to subscribers. A way to attract new customers in a market where classic video streaming is starting to saturate. For the moment, Netflix has the field free since its main competitors, Disney and Amazon, seem quite far from integrating a gaming offer into their streaming service. It remains to be seen if the quality of the games offered by the American giant will be at the level of its video offer.


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