A month after its release, sales of the album Les étoiles vagabondes: expansion explode and Nekfeu even does better than PNL.

While PNL’s “Au DD” reached a symbolic milestone on YouTube, Ademo and N.O.S were stolen from the show. If their album Two brothers is that of all records, selling 184,114 copies in just one month, Nekfeu has just done even better! The rapper returned to the front of the stage with The wandering stars, released at the same time as his film in cinemas on June 6, 2019. A paid strategy that allowed him to become the most streamed album on Deezer in 24 hours. With the suite called Expansion unveiled on June 21, it struck another blow, allowing it today to explode sales …

For its fourth week of operation, 47,371 copies of The wandering stars: expansion have passed according to SNEP (National Union of Phonographic Editing), which makes a total of 193,051 copies sold, therefore a little more than the PNL group over the same period. Nekfeu achieves a good performance with this disc, which squats first place in the ranking of the best sales of albums in France. One thing tells us that the 29-year-old artist has not finished shining and that other records could be added in the coming weeks … Meanwhile, in the rest of the music news, Zola released the clip for “7.65” shot in Brazil.


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