Nabilla, who is very close to Maeva Ghennam, made her a beautiful declaration of friendship.

Nabilla, who was imprisoned after the knife affair, returned to this drama that changed everything in her life. The 29-year-old went through a lot of stages before becoming the influencer everyone knows today. A journey that she retraces moreover in her docu-reality, Nabilla without filter, which will be available on Amazon Prime Video. And now, in his entourage, there are very few people from reality TV. But the one who has stood out and become one of her best friends is Maeva Ghennam! Very close to the latter, Milann’s mother made her a beautiful declaration of friendship …

Nabilla and Maeva Ghennam
Nabilla and Maeva Ghennam – Credit (s):,

“I don’t have a lot of friends in this industry. I don’t spit in the soup like some do, but I have evolved. I have friends in cinema, fashion, YouTube, music now…” she revealed during an interview with TV-Leisure before declaring about Maeva Ghennam : He’s the only person I’m friends with from the Marseillais gang. I love her so much. She was invited to my wedding, but she was filming at the time. It was the only one I had invited. He’s the only person I like in this environment “.

It is true that on several occasions, the two young women have shown their beautiful complicity on social networks.. Moreover, when they meet in Dubai, they never forget to immortalize the moment, to the delight of their fans! In the rest of the celebrity news, know that Maeva Ghennam, who has been in the cold with Carla Moreau since the witchcraft affair, spoke for the first time.

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