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Have Martika and Nabilla been tackled by Jazz? While this video has sown doubt, the editorial of melty offers you to discover everything you need to know about Thomas Vergara’s wife. Born February 05, 1992 in Ambilly, France, Nabilla Leona Benattia-Grange by her full name is a former reality TV candidate, notably known for having uttered this famous phrase in Angels 5 : “Hello, no but hello what?”. Since this real buzz, the young woman has become one of the most requested reality TV stars by the media and the most followed on social networks. Today, Nabilla has evolved a lot ! Deemed to be a superficial and foolish candidate at the start, today the star has become a real businesswoman!

What did Nabilla look like when she made her reality TV debut?

Nabilla's before-after
Nabilla’s Before-After – Credit (s):, NRJ12

It was in 2011 that she took her first steps in the world of reality TV by participating in Love is blind 2. At the time, the young woman had already had cosmetic surgery and she looked like what you can see above, to the left of the photo. Since then, Nabilla has completely transformed physically and now she is a real woman!

What is the fortune of the reality TV star?

Nabilla – Credit (s): Instagram nabilla

In May 2020, Nabilla spoke for the first time about her fortune and her immense real estate heritage. “I have lots of other things, not necessarily houses, but apartments all over the world, in strategic places” had declared the young woman in story on her Snapchat account. As for the magazine Public, after conducting an investigation he revealed that Nabilla would charge 6,000 euros per post for product placement. With regard to its participation in Love island as a host, according to Maxime Gueny, a columnist for the show Do not touch My TV, Thomas Vergara’s wife would have received nearly a million euros to present this program broadcast on Amazon Prime Video. And the young mother is also at the head of Nabilla Beauty, her beauty brand … All this combined, it’s starting to do a lot! Moreover, according to the information on the site I enjoy, the fortune of the former reality TV candidate is estimated at around $ 6 million.

How did Nabilla and Thomas Vergara’s love story begin, when and where did they get married?

It’s a love story that lasts! In 2013, Nabilla and Thomas Vergara first met on the set of Angels 5 and very quickly, they got into a relationship. Madly in love with each other and being very passionate, the couple experienced a tumultuous start to their relationship. Remember, at the end of 2014, Nabilla was indicted for attempted murder and aggravated assault on her boyfriend. After investigation, at the end of the trial, the former reality TV candidate was sentenced to six months in prison and 18 months suspended as well as an obligation of psychological care and a probation of a duration two years. But, having already spent several weeks in preventive detention, the young woman was able to benefit from a modification of the sentence. Despite this event, the two lovebirds remained as a couple like what, love always triumphs! After several years of relationship, Thomas Vergara and Nabilla were married for the first time in London, England on May 7, 2019 while she was pregnant. Then, they repeated the experience surrounded by their families and friends on July 6, 2021 at the Château de Chantilly, in France.

Who is Nabilla’s child?

On October 11, 2019, the life of Nabilla and Thomas Vergara is turned upside down by the arrival of their first child, a little boy named Milann. Since this happy event, the young parents have been living on a small cloud and love to see their son grow up and evolve!

What is the young woman’s Instagram account?

Nabilla – Credit (s): Instagram nabilla

With over 6.6 million Instagram followers, Nabilla is one of the most followed reality TV stars on social media. On her account, the young woman shares her daily life with her husband and her son, but also her travels and some product placements. To find and follow it, type @nabilla dear meltynauts!

How tall is Thomas Vergara’s wife?

Nabilla – Credit (s):

Nabilla, who found her son Milann in the midst of a crisis on his return to Dubai after his honeymoon, is 1.76m tall.

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