During these round of 16 of the 2020 Series World Cup, Riverdale faces My First Times. But then, which series deserves to continue the adventure?

This World Series Cup is more intense than ever. Last Monday, 16 series qualified for the round of 16 and the competition is in full swing. Who will continue the adventure to get closer to the gates of victory? As you know, it is you who make your choice by voting each day for your favorite series by clicking on this link. This week again, your favorite shows need you. If we presented you the first six games, now we are interested in group G. Riverdale confront My First Times during these round of 16 and the votes are very tight …

Can My First Times continue the adventure?
Can My First Times continue the adventure? – Credit (s): Netflix

My First Times is one of the little news of the adventure but it has already aroused all your attention. The first season, broadcast last April on Netflix, was eye-catching and the series has already been renewed for a season 2. Moreover, during the group stage, it obtained 71,563 votes against only 66,909 votes for Riverdale… This small advance could therefore continue during these round of 16. For his part, Riverdale has already had some twists and could quickly catch up by knocking out his opponent. Season 4 of the CW series was highly rated by fans of Archie and his gang and so it is possible that it will continue the adventure. For the moment, nothing is played yet so don’t give up! Keep voting because only your votes will allow Riverdale or My First Times to qualify for the quarter-finals of the 2020 Series World Cup!


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