After creating the controversy, Music, the film by singer Sia is available in France since March 29 in Premium VOD. Is it worth a look? Here is our verdict.

Several months ago, Sia unveiled her title “Together”, first clip of his film Music. If this catchy song has already made you sing at the top of your lungs for several months, you will see that it will take on its full meaning in front of the images of the feature film worn by Maddie Ziegler and Kate Hudson, available since March 29, 2021 in France on VOD . After being strongly criticized by the American public, Music submits today to the return of French spectators and we had the chance to watch it in preview. Sia’s first film tells the story of the heroine Music (Maddie Ziegler), a young autistic girl raised by her grandmother Millie (Mary Kay Place). One day his granny suddenly dies and the only family left in Music is Zu (Kate Hudson), his junkie stepsister who is just recovering from rehab.. Zu will have to take care of Music, a little bit of a woman full of love whose crises will sometimes have to be channeled … Fortunately, she can count on Millie’s entourage, including Ebo (Leslie Odom Jr), a close neighbor. attentive person who can lend a hand to Zu when she needs it most. So what is Music singer and director Sia? Here is our verdict.

If the casting of Maddie Ziegler as the autistic teenager has been hotly criticized in the United States, yet we think it is the best idea there is. Firstly, because the young woman and Sia Furler know each other perfectly – they have worked together for years in the singer’s videos – and because, as Sia recalls, Music is not a documentary but rather a fiction. This story was inspired by her own life: the singer befriended a young autistic, regularly taken by his mother to meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous. When Sia wondered about the future of this child if he lost his mother, it made “tilt” in his head. This feature film shows another side of the talents of Maddie Ziegler, who we knew as an excellent dancer and performer, and who is rather breathtaking in the role of a child with autism. In general, Music is a very sunny film, full of colors, which does not point the finger at the difference, but on the contrary, embellishes it.

Maddie Ziegler in Music
Maddie Ziegler in Music – Credit (s): Alamode Film

A bit in the same vein as the documentary Little girl on Netflix, Music is a film filled with hope, which shows how certain differences can unite people of all opposites. The story is sometimes suspended by captivating musical passages, in which each of the characters of the film pushes the song. We were also able to discover how Kate Hudson had a beautiful voice, like what Music is definitely a feature film full of surprises. As in all of Sia’s videos, creativity is at the rendezvous: the lyrics and the costumes will take you into a colorful universe! Music is a touching musical, which offers a glimpse into the daily life of those who live with people with autism, and which reminds us of how love always trumps differences. Music of Sia is available on VOD as of March 29.

Credit: Music


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