Between Mujdat and Feliccia, there is water in the gas. All the details here.

If in episode 20 of Objectif Rest of the World, Feliccia cried in tears after an explanation with Milla Jasmine on Mujdat, everything has changed since the filming of the show. The pretty brunette will soon leave the adventure to find him. And it is far from the cameras that Feliccia and Mujdat will get back together as a couple. But obviously, they are currently in a relationship crisis … According to the Instagram account @ob Objectifrdm, Feliccia and Mujdat would currently be in the middle of a couple crisis. The two candidates of W9 even unfollow on Instagram … This is to tell you if they are really cold!

It's tense between them!
It’s tense between them! – Credit (s): Instagram Objectifrdm

For the moment, we do not know the reasons for this supposed dispute. But according to @ob Objectifrdm, the broadcast of the Objectif Reste du Monde episodes could have caused some tension in the couple … In any case at the time of writing these few lines, they have not yet taken the floor to react to this rumor. It is therefore a matter to follow dear meltynauts! In the rest of the news, know that Adixia has sown doubts about its participation in Marseilles vs the rest of the World 6. If the young woman is finally absent, we will not be able to discover her reunion with Illlan and Paga!

Credit: Instagram Objectifrdm


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