Announced last Tuesday, the nominations for the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards have generated many unpleasant surprises. Especially on the side of the forgotten!

Wait, what? After telling you earlier today how Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello dethroned Ed Sheeran in the UK with “Señorita”, let’s go back to the United States. This Tuesday, the MTV channel unveiled the list of nominations for Video Music Awards 2019 which will be broadcast on Monday, August 26. And because the program is losing momentum, the organizers had the false idea of ​​organizing a summit duel by delivering 10 nominations to Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift (each). If the audience of the two artists is likely to follow the program live, in replay or via social networks, it must be recognized that these appointments are marked by the extremely surprising absence of three artists: Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and Sam Smith. We explain to you why!

Miley Cyrus, the star of the audience

If you follow the news of Miley Cyrus then you are aware that this year the popstar has released two great clips. First there was “Nothing Break Like a Heart”, his duo with star producer Mark Ronson then came “Mother’s Daughter”, a furiously feminist clip. In both cases, the visual was up to the task. If the first made a hit in the charts, the second has mainly allowed to relaunch the conversation on the post-# MeToo and the slow changes in Hollywood. Star among the stars, Miley Cyrus should have been among the nominees this year because his controversial performance at the 2013 edition had attracted the interest of 10 million Americans while they were 9.8 million to follow the 2015 edition it hosted. At a time when the program only attracts 4.8 million curious people, having Miley Cyrus among the nominees would have been a nice boost!

Katy Perry, the sulky popstar

We are not going to lie, Katy Perry continues to pay the semi-failure of her opus Witness yet released in 2017. After having partnered with the unsuccessful candidate Hillary Clinton in the last American presidential election, Katy Perry had announced that Witness would be committed pop. This was not the case. It was even far to be the case. After a profitable tour, the interpreter of “Enjoy your meal“got a new life by being a juror in American idol. This year, its title “Never Really Over “ was widely acclaimed by critics as the public welcomed his return to candid pop-hippie-style music videos. Unfortunately, the popstar is in the middle of a plagiarism lawsuit concerning the tube “Dark horse“What discourages organizers yet far from chilly until then the idea of ​​having stars faced with justice in the public … In short, “Never Really Over” deserved better – a nomination in the category best pop clip!

Sam Smith, the unloved Briton

Does MTV have a problem with Sam Smith? This is the question that fans of the singer have been asking since the announcement of the appointments. Indeed, despite 7 small nominations spread over the different ceremonies of the MTV group since 2014, Sam Smith never left with a prize. However, his community of fans is large and loyal and the criticism is always unanimous regarding his projects. This year his single “Dancing With a Stranger (feat Normani)“did not fail to turn into a tube. 426 million streams in total on Spotify for a song that ranked 7th on the Billboard Hot 100 while the clip currently totals 389 million views on YouTube. But nothing helps. Sam Smith continues to be forgotten, snubbed, ignored, put aside. Aware of the importance of clips in our time, the 27-year-old singer, however, never disappointed. But that does not seem to be enough … In the rest of the music news, here is what fans of Lil Nas X really think of “Rodeo”, his duet with Cardi B.


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