Does the clip for “Fallen” by singer M. Pokora work on YouTube? On Instagram, he spoke about it.

Mr. Pokora has decided to make a big decision regarding his son. In a few months, the 34-year-old singer will become a father for the first time thanks to his partner, Christina Milian. Since they fell in love with each other in Saint-Tropez, the two stars have lived a great story between the United States and France. In full tour with his Pyramid Tower, the future mother is never far from her sweetheart, whom she admires behind the scenes. Career side, everything is fine since after the hit “The planets”, it would seem that the single “Grave” works great on air and on YouTube …

Sure Instagram, Matthew Tota of his real name, announced good news to his fans: the clip of “Grave” exceeded 20 million views. One more happiness for the artist, who wrote: “It’s starting to make a few hits on this album! Thank you friends!”. On the set of Dance with the stars 10 on October 26, 2019, he also learned that his album Pyramid reached 100,000 sales, becoming a platinum record. Everything smiles on Mr. Pokora! In the rest of the music news, the PNL group has made available the songs “Capuche” and “Frontières” on streaming platforms.


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