Will Kevin become Jacob’s next target, he who manipulated Camille in Plus belle la vie?

Very recently, we revealed to you whether or not Caesar was going to die soon in Plus belle la vie. Indeed, the one who was the blackmailer of Jacob now intends to reveal his true identity to the police, but the serial killer could well put an end to his life sooner than expected … At the moment. , he continues to lead his life as he sees fit in the Mistral district, since the police are now convinced that the real Jacob is dead. As a result, Camille’s accomplice will be able to continue his carnage in the city of Marseille and could even attack Kevin soon! Wounded that the policeman manipulated her to achieve his ends, Emma’s sister asks Jacob to kill him.

Once again, the two accomplices will work hand in hand in the next episodes of More beautiful life ! So, as the report Star News, while Jacob goes to track the policeman, Camille, for her part, will write a fake farewell letter in Kevin’s name to make his murder look like a suicide… But then, will the serial killer come to the end of his plan to execute the policeman? To the editor of melty, we suppose (and we hope) that the screenwriters have planned to keep Kevin alive, his character being interesting, and his mother, LaĆ«titia, having already experienced too many tragedies in her life to lose her only child … see if this will be the case, find out who Valentin Carrier will be dating in Plus belle la vie, and it’s very surprising!


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