It seems that Alex Melmont’s murderer has finally been revealed in Plus belle la vie.

While this week in Plus belle la vie, Samia will be ridiculed in her work and the teenagers will get the results of their baccalaureate, the intrigue around the murder of Alex Melmont will continue. At the moment, it’s unclear who really killed the psychiatrist in the France 3, the suspects being very numerous. Patrick, Stan, Laëtitia, Karim, Abdel … Who is the murderer? We may finally know the truth if we believe the revelations of Star News and spoilers for the next episodes. BE CAREFUL of the following information … Alex Melmont, Ariadne’s companion, has apparently been murdered by Stan Mercier!

Is Stan the murderer?
Is Stan the murderer? – Credit (s): france 3

In the coming weeks of More beautiful lifeStan will eventually report himself to the police for Melmont’s murder, explaining that the psychiatrist was prescribing drugs, destroying him and humiliating him at each session. The young man would therefore have lost his cool by murdering Ariadne’s companion. The investigation will therefore be closed for Xavier Revel, but Sabrina will remain convinced that Stan was wrong and that her boyfriend is not the real murderer. Can we then expect a final twist in this story? Did the young man wrongly denounce himself because of his memory loss? Finally, everything is still possible! While waiting to learn more, test your knowledge of the latest episodes of Plus belle la vie.


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