Is Sophie Roland’s hidden daughter in Plus belle la vie? We take stock of the rumor.

This week in Plus belle la vie, Sabrina will make an incredible revelation while Barbara will take big risks to trap Hélèna. So many twists and turns right now in the series France 3 ! And aside from these plots, the new characters also have some surprises in store for us in the coming weeks. Moreover, a rumor swells about the fact that Sophie is actually Roland’s hidden daughter! Mirta’s ex-husband claims she is the daughter of a friend known during the Algerian War, but he seems very evasive about it and never wants to go into details, as if he was hiding something . In the next episodes, Thomas will discover Sophie’s existence and also have some serious doubts about her, going to steal a lock of her hair and do a DNA test.

But then, is Sophie really Roland’s hidden daughter? One thing is certain, this new plot in More beautiful life We have something in store for us … And the Marci’s problems are not about to end. While Sophie is going to change the locks and the decor of Gabriel and Thomas’ apartment, the latter will file a complaint against her. As revealed Star News, the discussion will be completely broken between Roland and his son and the arrival of this new family could well break forever the bonds between Thomas and his father. Ouch! While waiting to find out more about this intriguing story, it’s time to test your knowledge of the latest episodes of Plus belle la vie.


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