The next episodes of Plus belle la vie promise to be eventful. Here’s what’s in store for you next!

The question is on everyone’s lips. Who killed Alex Melmont? If the editorial ‘of melty has revealed her theories on the identity of her murderer, the mystery remains unsolved. Next week, however, the noose will again tighten around Patrick Nebout. The police commander will lose his alibi and return to the custody hut. But the investigation will intensify and new elements will fall, worrying Karim Fedala who will in turn find himself suspected of the assassination.. Was the psychologist so clean as you might think? His true face may well surprise more than one. As for Samia, she will be the victim of a bad blow from Barrault who will broadcast the video of her burlesque striptease in full meeting. The career of the deputy mayor will be threatened.

At the same time, we will continue to follow Barbara’s new romance with Chris on France 3. Decided not to be the mistress of a married man, the head of the Mistral will quickly put an end to this nascent romance but resisting her handsome adventurer will be more difficult than expected.. For his part, Caesar will be confronted with the inappropriate advances of his boss Helena Horn. A situation that is sure to get complicated over the episodes. Finally, teens will discover the results of their baccalaureate after months of stress. It will then be time to say goodbye to Antoine and Tom who will be leaving Marseille for Paris. Emotion sequence guaranteed! But the series promises other surprises since a character will soon return in Plus belle la vie and he could be the murderer of Alex Melmont.


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