Here is what awaits you in the next episodes of Plus belle la vie.

A few days ago, we revealed to you that Caesar was hiding a big secret from Barbara in Plus belle la vie. Indeed, the boyfriend of the young woman knows very well Fanny, the new waitress of the restaurant. The Marci, tracked down by Thomas throughout Marseille. The reason ? The two had a romantic relationship two years ago. Exactly, the young woman still seems in love with Caesar and will do everything to seduce him in the next episodes of the series France 3, even taking a few risks. Thomas, who will not be fooled, will put pressure on Caesar so that he moves away from her and that he does not break Barbara’s heart. In parrallel, the Mistral bar and The Marci will shoot each other in an attempt to organize the police meal, and there will be new big sparks between the two restaurants.

Next week in More beautiful life, Lucie will always be Jacob’s hostage, and the police will continue to negotiate to try to recover Jean-Paul’s daughter … But the kidnapper will not be fooled. Ready to do anything to save the child and find Jacob, Camille will then run away and offer the kidnapper an exchange. But will she really manage to save Lucie? Nothing is less sure. At the same time, Estelle and Francesco will continue to ride the wave of success by taking themselves for influencers, but they will gradually reveal a new face that will not be appreciated by all. As for Victoire, she will begin to have real feelings for Romain Vidal and will find all the excuses to spend time with the handsome man in the hospital! While waiting to see this, find out what Fabienne Carat really thinks of the fate of Samia in Plus belle la vie.



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