Fans of Plus belle la vie do not approve of this change in the series at all.

The days go by and are currently the same in Plus belle la vie, where everyone tries to guess the murderer of Alex Melmont. This is the big plot that will still punctuate the coming weeks in the Mistral district, even if new stories are to be expected. Precisely, who says back to school means changes … And there is a character, already present in the series of France 3 for a long time, which has changed its face! Noé, Blanche and Franck’s son, is now played by actor Florian Lesieur. A radical and above all unexpected change, since the writers of More beautiful life decided to make him turn 17 now, when Noah was still a young teenager a few months ago!

This inconsistency, due to the need to introduce a new gang of teenagers after the departures of Tom and Antoine, has not gone unnoticed by fans of More beautiful life… Many are shocked by this radical change of actor, but especially by the fact that Noé is now 17 years old whereas he was born in 2007 and should therefore be only 13 years old. Thus, we were able to read very spicy messages on Twitter Internet users who have not hesitated to give a rant. If the writers of the series wanted to pass this little detail unnoticed, it’s missed! But remember that Florian Lesieur, who now plays Noé, has nothing to do with this story and does not need to be strongly criticized … Still on the subject of Plus belle la vie, know that a new couple will soon to be formed.


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