Barbara is going to be in a relationship with someone other than Caesar in Plus belle la vie and it’s surprising!

The fans are impatient! Plus belle la vie will return on June 3 at 8:20 p.m. on France 3 with new episodes. It’s been almost two months now that we can no longer follow the adventures of Luna, Mirta, Thomas, Gabriel and the others because of the epidemic of Covid-19 which put the shooting of the series to a halt. But now, the actors have resumed work in Marseille and the teams are ready to offer us the rest of the series very soon. Moreover, these new episodes will mark the comeback of Barbara, who we have not seen for almost a year in the series of France 3. She will soon return to the Mistral district with a big surprise, a baby, but also with a new love story. If the first spoilers announced that Caesar would be his future boyfriend, it would seem that Barbara becomes a couple with Nathan in the continuation of More beautiful life !

Nathan and Barbara soon as a couple?

These are shocking revelations made by the site pblv-plusbellelavie, writing: “The young woman, who will have come close to death in India during her trip, will land at the roommate with a baby in her arms. A child who is not hers. The cook will however pretend to be her mother after having taken it from his parents in order to save him. This will cause her serious concern and she may even end up in prison. At the same time, she will be able to count on Nathan’s support and will start a love affair with him. “ These are the adventures that await Barbara in the rest of the series! But then, why did the rumor want a love story with César? Will he still have a role to play in the middle of this story? Are we going to witness the arrival of a love triangle between these three characters? Answer very soon … In the meantime, here are the summaries of the next new episodes of Plus belle la vie.



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