It’s time to find out what the next episodes of Plus belle la vie have in store for you.

A few days ago, we officially revealed the identity of Alex Melmont’s murderer in Plus belle la vie! If Stan is convinced that he is responsible, it is not him … And yet, it is the young man himself who is going to hand himself over to the police to answer for a crime that he does not believe. has not committed. The reason ? He is actually protecting his girlfriend Sabrina, who will reveal to him to be Melmont’s murderer! Revel will see nothing but fire, even if the DNA found on the weapon is that of a woman, and will therefore indict Stan for murder, closing the investigation far too quickly. At the same time, Laëtitia will try to rebuild herself after the rape suffered. She can count on the support of Sébastien who will be very caring for her. The two will start a new love affair, but not sure that this rapprochement pleases Kevin.

In the next episodes of More beautiful life, Barbara will take big risks for her part to find proof of Helena and her money trafficking … Even if it means putting her career and her life in danger! Fortunately, she will be able to count on the support of Caesar to cover her, who will even admit to her having feelings for her. Will we see them as a couple one day? Perhaps ! On the side of the roommate ‘, the young people will see Rochat’s mother land and will be forced to accommodate her for a little while. As for Sophie, who has fled her violent companion, she could soon be caught by him because of her daughter Lola, who will do anything to get in touch with the dangerous man. While waiting to find the series on Monday at 8:20 p.m. on France 3, find out who Fanck will soon be dating in Plus belle la vie.


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