Thomas and Barbara are going to embark on a crazy new project in the sequel to Plus belle la vie.

This week in Plus belle la vie, the plot is rich in twists and turns with the departure of Samia, the arrival of a new commissioner at the Mistral and the return of Baptiste and Emma. For the year 2021, the writers of the series France 3 have prepared a lot of new things that should surprise viewers … Starting with Barbara and Thomas’ new professional project! Remember, the latter fell out strongly with his father Roland after the arrival of Sophie and the discovery that his children, Kylian and Lola, were in fact his half-siblings. Since, Thomas has decided to move away from the family business and soon, he will propose to Léo, a new employee of the bar, to officially buy back his shares.

In the next episodes of More beautiful life, we will discover that Thomas has not officially given up his job but has an idea … Set up his own restaurant with Barbara! Together, they will therefore open their business in the former local des Belles du Mistral, which served as a cabinet for Samia and Hadrian, and which is located just in front of the Mistral Bar ! Obviously, this competition will hurt Roland and it’s a safe bet that he and Thomas will restart the war in the weeks to come. Especially since Barbara has also cut her teeth on the other side of the street … This project, which will surprise many characters of the series (and viewers) promises to be rich in twists! While waiting to see this, discover Emma’s secret past, which will soon be revealed in Plus belle la vie.



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