Franck will once again be a couple in Plus belle la vie.

This week in Plus belle la vie, we’re stocking up on new things! Between new credits, a jump in time and new characters, viewers are not ready to be bored with the series of France 3. And the next few weeks will also be filled with changes for the iconic protagonists, thanks to the writers. Exactly, Franck will soon be able to live a new love story. It must be said that the electrician never really has any luck in the heart. Lately, he thought he had come across a stable and sincere woman, but it was none other than Delphine Bommel, Theo and Antoine’s mother, suffering from bipolarity who did not hesitate to lie to him openly.

Franck will fall in love with Sophie
Franck will fall in love with Sophie – Credit (s): france 3

Coming soon in More beautiful life, Franck will therefore find love and fall under the spell of Sophie, the new inhabitant of the Mistral and longtime friend of Roland! Beaten woman, she fled her companion with her two children Kylian and Lola. As revealed Star News, Blanche is not going to appreciate this new romantic idyll … However, everything suggests that Franck and Sophie will begin a solid story, especially because their children will be very close. Kylian will become friends with Noah, and his sister, Lola, will even fall in love with the young man who has recently changed interpreters … So, will Franck finally have the right to happiness? Answer soon! In the meantime, test your knowledge of the latest episodes of Plus belle la vie.


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