In the next episodes of Plus belle la vie, a couple will form.

Just recently, we revealed to you that SPOILER was surely the real murderer of Alex Melmont in Plus belle la vie. The writers of the series France 3 have put the small dishes in the big for this big plot filled with twists. The list of suspects will continue to grow in the next episodes, which will become a real headache for viewers. But this is not the only story that punctuates the lives of Mistralians at the moment and which will also delight many people in the weeks to come: A new couple will form in More beautiful life ! While at the moment, Barbara is getting closer to Chris Horn and César to his wife Helena Horn, it is another character who will have the right to happiness.

Laëtitia and Sébastien soon to be a couple
Laëtitia and Sébastien soon as a couple – Credit (s): france 3

Very soon in More beautiful life, Sébastien will be back in More beautiful life and will finally begin a love story with Laëtitia! It’s been about a year since the two met following the gym collapse, and after just one night together, they’re finally going to give each other a real chance. As revealed Star News, Läetitia and Sébastien will even go on a romantic weekend, enough to consolidate the beginning of their relationship. How will Kevin react to this news? Will he accept that his mother mourn for Jerome? When to this new couple, will it really last over time? Case to follow! In the meantime, test your knowledge of the latest episodes of Plus belle la vie.


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