Never two without three: with a resounding success since its release on June 30, the Sunbreak extension for Monster Hunter Rise has just exceeded a nice sales milestone. It is now more than 3 million copies that has passed this big DLC ​​intended for the last episode to date of the franchisearrived on Nintendo Switch and PC in March 2021. A little over a week ago, we reported the 2 million sales announced on July 7… Things are moving fast in the small world of monster hunting.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Sales Are Doing… Well

As stated in its communicated official, Capcom is very proud of the performance of his colt – a success that the Japanese publisher intends to continue with great blows of free updates, the first being already planned for next month. To put these sales into perspective: the Monster Hunter Rise episode has converted 10 million curious people into amateur hunters since its launch.

It remains far, far behind Monster Hunter World, Capcom’s biggest hit to date which totals more than 18 million copies sold on PS4, XONE and PC. Its Iceborne extension had sold 9 million copies, these figures including the complete editions of the game and its DLC. Finally, one last figure concerning the overall sales of the Monster Hunter franchise, which as of today represents 85 million games soldjust that.


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