The result of the votes has just fallen. The Allay will soon join the Minecraft bestiary after a vote organized by Mojang as part of Minecraft Live taking place every year.

We talked to you about it recently. Mojang recently launched a vote to ask Minecraft players to choose the next monster to enter the bestiary. A tradition taking place during Minecraft Live. While the participants were the Glare, the Copper Golem and the Allay, the third city won the competition. for an addition in 2022 with update 1.19. But then what does this creature do? If you give Allay an item, she will scour the map to collect another. There are many possibilities such as making him collect items for your farm or accompany your mining. Be careful though: the Allay picks up, collects, he extracts nothing.

For the time being, that’s all we know about the Allay in Minecraft while the Star Wars universe has been available for several months. But we imagine that Mojang will provide details before the integration of the creature in the most famous sandbox of the video game market. Because despite several years of existence, Minecraft remains one of the most popular games in the world.

The players are still numerous with a huge community ready to build, build and have fun together. It’s no coincidence that many see the title as Microsoft’s goose that lays golden eggs.


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