But how did Milo Ventimiglia experience having to show off his butt in This Is Us? Here is his response.

Contrary to the wildest rumors, Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore were never at war on the set of the series This Is Us. On the contrary, the actor always got along wonderfully with his co-star. He also shared intense emotional scenes with her, but also much sexier sequences. Like the pilot in which we quickly see his buttocks. A moment on which the comedian had confided during an interview for Entertainment Weekly in 2016: “To be honest I thought, this is the chain NBC, they won’t show anything on the screen. I would probably have flesh-colored underpants and they’ll film me in a way that makes it look like I’m naked. But in reality, my outfit was simply made up of different sizes of fabric and flesh-colored tape. I was like, ‘Okay, I guess that’s really what they want to do. So of course, no problem, great, that’s fine with me. ‘”

You will understand, Milo Ventimiglia who is ultra close to Alyssa Milano, was very comfortable to display his posterior in the sight of millions of viewers. And for good reason, he was physically at the top: “I have a great trainer who takes good care of me … I think my c * l was prepared.” Asked about it a month later, his sports coach Jason Walsh told PEOPLE : “I’ve been working with Milo for about 8 years now. We see each other three to five times a week, it depends on how busy he is. We get straight to it, listening to Deftones and Nine Inch Nails usually. We didn’t. not really changed his exercises for the sequence, we continued to do his normal routine. Milo has always been motivated for his training. Consistency is the key. It is the best method because as an actor you don’t have to stress about taking your clothes off if asked. You just know you’re ready. ”


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