Is Milla Jasmine about to forgive Illan? We tell you more in this article.

If Milla Jasmine can not return in The Marseillais vs the rest of the World 6 to settle accounts, because she has the Covid-19, she does not hesitate to swing on social networks. And the pretty brunette is not at war with Maeva Ghennam … Since the shooting of Objectif Reste du Monde, Milla Jasmine no longer speaks to Illan. And the two former roommates have even tackled each other, on several occasions, on social networks. But obviously, Illan is starting to miss Milla … And she did not fail to let it know on her Instagram story. A publication to discover just below.

He makes an approach
He makes an approach – Credit (s): Instagram millajasmineoff

As you can see on this screen, Illan asked Milla Jasmine to be his friend on Instagram. And the young woman asked Internet users what they thought … Should she accept or refuse this request? Most of them then advised Milla Jasmine to accept. And that’s what she did! Milla and Illan follow each other again on Instagram. This may be the beginning of a reconciliation … To be continued! In a completely different register, know that since she started television, Carla Moreau has changed a lot and this before and after of the young woman has made Internet users react.

Credit: Instagram millajasmineoff
Other files: Illan, Objective Rest of the World


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