A video of Michou proves that he is not ready to formalize his relationship with Elsa Bois since the end of Dancing with the stars 11.

In recent days, things seem to have finally become official … The magazine here is has indeed revealed that Elsa Bois and Michou would indeed be a couple since the end of the adventure Dance with the stars ! The two were indeed seen hand in hand in the streets of Paris after the final on Friday, November 26. Many Internet users are therefore waiting hard as iron for the formalization of this love story and thisSome had a beautiful ray of hope when the young man shared a long video on his channel Youtube.

In the title of this video, Michou clearly teased the long-awaited revelation, since we could read: “I PARTICIPATED IN THE DANCE FINAL WITH THE STARS! (My story with Elsa…)”. For a little over an hour, the young man shows us behind the scenes of the final, his rehearsals but also several moments of complicity shared with Elsa Bois. Yes Michou also clearly announces that he is waiting for a kiss from the dancer, no longer hiding his feelings for her.… There will ultimately not have been!

Michou does not seem finally ready to formalize his supposed relationship with Elsa Bois and Internet users are disappointed. Below the video, we could read comments like: “Too bad that at the end there were no kisses”, “Where is the kiss?”, “I wanted the kiss at the end”, “The kiss is just missing”. It remains to be seen if in a few days, in the middle of the news people, Michou and Elsa Bois will finally decide to make their love story public, or not … In the meantime, Denitsa Iknomova would be ready to show her couple with François Alu!

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