On January 3, 2022, Michou and Elsa Bois formalized their couple and it was time! Throughout the adventure Dance with the stars, the lovebirds have been talked about because of their rapprochement. The professional dancer, who was not single, preferred to have a friendly relationship with the YouTuber. But finally, over the weeks, the friendship turned into love, to the delight of the young man of 20 years. Thanks to his humor and his charm, he ended up landing a kiss once the TF1 program ended. On social networks, Internet users have followed this idyll with attention.

Quickly, Elsa Wood began to see his number of followers increase. Today, she has more than 1.2 million people on her Instagram account and regularly appears in the videos of her boyfriend, who introduced her to his friends. But now that the buzz has died down and the show is just a nice memory for them, what about their love story? Are they still a couple today? On February 14, 2022, they gave the answer. For Valentine’s Day, Michou posted new photos of him and his darling, more accomplices than ever.

Michou and Elsa Bois: their couple is still passionate

With this post, Michou pleased fans, who were more than 3000 to react in the comments: “They are incredibly adorable”, “When she looks at you like that you have won everything”, “But how beautiful you are! Happy Valentine’s Day to you both”, “You are too beautiful. Enjoy lovers! We love you!”, “So cute”, “Happy Valentine’s Day lovebirds”, “You’re so cute. How long has it been now?”, “Very nice couple you are too cute”, “Beautiful, I wish you both a lot of happiness”. Lovers always fascinate as much!


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