MHD and Tiakola have collaborated together? We tell you everything just below.

Recently we shared with you that Jul, SCH, Soso Maness and the 13 Organized had won an incredible record and we now suggest you stay in the French rap theme. Since a few weeks, Best before got out of pre-trial detention under judicial supervision and he did not wait to get his musical career back in hand! Indeed, he released the famous “Afro trap 11” that his fans had been waiting for for years. And clearly it is a box! This is certainly one of the reasons why the rapper decided to continue recording sounds. And speaking of that, he would have collaborated with Tiakola.

The two artists have shown themselves several times together since the release from detention of MHD. But it was Tiakola who confirmed the rumors! Indeed, the young rapper from 4keus answered a question / answer on Instagram in which someone had asked him: “A feat with MHD?”. And he replied: “Yeah yeah it’s handled already! Go ask him, he’ll tell you things”. Well, we just have to follow MHD’s social networks closely to discover perhaps more information on the subject. But in the meantime, we invite you to come back to the crazy performance of Tayc who performed Le Temps for the Song of the Year.

Credits: instagram @tiakola_meloo


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