Surprise! Melanight has taken on a whole new look and here’s what people are really saying.

It’s hovering like an air of change among reality TV people right now! While this before / after of Sarah Fraisou’s physical transformation caused a lot of reaction on the Web, this time it is Melanight, another candidate of The Villa of Broken Hearts 6 and The Battle of the Couples 3, who let themselves be tempted by a novelty. So certainly, if this change in question is not as impressive as Sarah’s, it is still notable and for good reason, Romain Benn’s sweetheart adopted a whole new look by going to the hairdresser and here is the end result.

New blonde locks and wavy brushing, Melanight proudly unveiled her change of look on Instagram: “Wow, I love it, I love it, you are sublime, your hair is magnificent”, “Beauty, I love it”, “Too beautiful”, “Superb” could one read in particular in the comments. Unfortunately for the candidate, the result was not unanimous, far from it as evidenced by other opinions: “It’s badly done, too many black roots, crazy demarcation”, “Stop repairing”, “But Mélanie! You have to hide those big clip-on extensions”, “It’s awful as usual”. Ouch! And you what do you think ? Elsewhere in the news, Julie Bertin has revealed if she was still cold with Melanight and Romain.

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