Was Meghan Markle deliberately snubbed by Kate Middleton and Prince William? This photo sows doubt and particularly annoys the fans.

Recently, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry made a strong gesture to show the royal family that they are financially independent. As we know, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex officially left the British monarchy earlier this year. Now, the parents of little Archie live in Santa Monica, California and will soon start producing films and series for Netflix. A radical change of life difficult for some members of the Windsor clan to accept. Starting with Kate Middleton and Prince William who seem nostalgic for the time when they were still a trio. In any case, this is what a good number of Internet users think after the publication of a funny photo.

To celebrate Prince Harry’s 36th birthday, Kate Middleton and Prince William who could expect their fourth child, sent him a sober message on Instagram. Only problem? The glaring absence of Meghan Markle who did not really like on the Web. Very quickly, fans of the ex-actress stepped up to criticize the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, accusing them of having intentionally forgotten the young woman because of the supposed tensions between them. Others defended the couple, explaining that it was perfectly normal to share a snap focused on prince harry and not her relationship on her birthday. Anyway, the royal family has not finished talking.


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