While Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are now living in the United States, a former friend of the Duchess of Sussex has made damning new revelations about her!

Endless pressure? Yes, the meltynauts, the couple formed by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex may have moved away from the royal family for good by moving to the United States, they unfortunately do not escape criticism. Quite the contrary! Moreover, Meghan Markle spoke recently in a touching testimony on the harassment she suffers on a daily basis. However and despite their desire to go more unnoticed, the media continue to talk about them and interview people they have been close to at some point in their lives. This is particularly the case of Piers Morgan who confided in an interview with the site Daily Express : “Everything that is happening is that Meghan wants to be a mega star. It has always been her plan, I am sure.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle a few hours after their wedding
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle hours after their wedding – Credit (s): gettyimages

He continues by confident: “When we were still friends, she was very open about her ambitions and made no secret of it. The way she treats her friends and family is rather a good indication of who she is: an unscrupulous opportunist who doesn’t care. will stop at nothing to get what she wants and I’m sure only the sky is her limit. She wanted to become powerful and when we met, she asked me how to handle the media and many other things . I can tell from my own experience that she knows how to use her charm to get what she wants but as soon as you are no longer useful to her ambition, she instantly puts you aside. “ This still implies that she is manipulating her husband. While waiting for more info, are Prince Harry and Prince William cold because of Kate Middleton?


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