The official Matrix 4 ranking with Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss has dropped!

The first trailer for Matrix 4 caused a sensation. While offering us a taste of this new chapter produced by Lana wachowski, the trailer unveiled some crisp clues about the plot. While Neo seems to have forgotten his past, the hacker will finally be caught by the latter in order to find Trinity and once again challenge the Matrix. New enemies should therefore cross our hero’s path, his confrontation thus giving rise to epic but also violent action scenes. It is for this reason that Matrix: Ressurections has been officially rated R-Rated by the Motion Picture Association.

Keanu Reeves in Matrix 4.
Keanu Reeves in Matrix 4. – Credit (s): Warner Bros

According to the American organization, the science fiction blockbuster would include “a certain language and scenes of violence” considered inappropriate. This is not surprising given that Matrix, Matrix Reloaded as well as Matrix Revolutions had also undergone the same labeling before their releases. Incidentally, the second installment of the saga had become the highest grossing R-Rated film, holding that record for several years until it was dethroned by Dead Pool with Ryan Reynolds then by Joker by Todd Phillips. The R-Rated ranking may seem surprising when it comes to the saga Matrix, given the virtual absence of nudity or bloodshed.

Jonathan Groff in Matrix 4.
Jonathan Groff in Matrix 4. – Credit (s): Warner bros

Nevertheless, the Motion Picture Association tends to consider that the philosophical density as well as the ambitious visual effects of the film motivate such a decision. More precisely, the organization evoked “a violence drawn from science fiction” and “brief scenes of nudity.” That being said, this label should tell us more about the atmosphere of the feature film finally close to the original trilogy. Proof once again that Matrix will be aimed at an informed and mature audience, capable of understanding the metaphorical universe created by the Wachowski sisters. By the way, there is a rumor that Resurections or the trans allegory dreamed of by the directors at the time of the release of the first part.

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