The video for “Shine Your Lights” the new hit of Master KG with David Guetta and Akon is finally available! You can find it right here.

Master KG is at the origin of one of the biggest successes of the year: “Jerusalem”. The Zulu-language tube had everyone dancing during the first lockdown and exploded thanks to the Tik Tok platform. During our exclusive interview, Master KG was also entrusted with the success of this hit, the preparation of his first album as well as his meeting with David Guetta and Akon. Indeed, the three artists recently collaborated together on the title “Shine Your Lights”. And guess what? The clip is finally available! We’ll let you discover it just below and we’ll talk about it again right after.

The video was shot in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic and we can say that it smells like summer! We can see many dancers swinging their hips to an efficient afro-house rhythm and sunny vibrations. It’s simple, from the first notes, we already recognize the next summer hit! The song’s message is very positive: “Oh let the music blow you away / You wanna be happy, that’s what you say / (…) It’s so dark outside, the world is so dark / Let your light shine from within / More of hate, let love win / I am your family, I am your friend ”. The perfect piece to forget all your problems! And to continue on this good summer vibe, Apple Music goes into summer mode with exclusive playlists and even DJ mixes not to be missed, we reveal the whole program to you.

Credits: Warner Music France / Elektra France Label / Open Mic Productions
Other files: David Guetta


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