This is the news that everyone is talking about this week: the Assault Sexion could very soon be reformed. News that particularly delighted Bigflo and Oli!

Wait, what? While we explained to you a little while ago why Maitre Gims does not need the return of Sexion d’Assaut to advance his solo career, we have to admit that the reformation of the group would not displease us. Now mature and aware of the controversies that their road trips can trigger, group members could come and shake the rap game French as a person. And it’s not Bigflo and Oli who will say the opposite. Yes, as soon as the snapshot “announcer” of Master Gims, the two brothers from Toulouse showed their interest in this project.

So, to Maitre Gims’ question “Who votes for the return of “SEXION D’ASSAUT” the best European Rap group? “, Olivio was quick to comment: “ME “Proof if it was necessary that the young man was always a fan of the rap group. For his part, Florian simply commented “What? !!!!!!!”… three times ! And the brothers were not the only ones who wanted to give their approval for this reformation since Rayane Bensetti has split a “Come back guys!“while composer Maska Leblanc showed all his excitement using an emoji. Although no date has yet been announced, the album The Return of the Kings is still announced for 2019 … In the rest of the news, here are the 5 titles to remember from Happiness Begins, the new Jonas Brothers album!


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