Actor Ethan Hawke returned to the reasons that led him to accept a role in the Moon Knight series, and thus join the MCU.

While some actors are rather cautious about joining the MCU like Brie Larson who twice turned down Captain Marvel role, others are on the contrary more than starters. This is the case of Ethan Hawke, who joined the cast of the series Moon knight, whose title role is held by Oscar Isaac. The presence of the latter is also one of the reasons that convinced the actor to say yes to Marvel Studios. “It has a lot to do with Oscar, I’ll be honest with you. It reminds me of those actors I admired when I first came to New York. Oscar is younger than me, and I love the way he stands, I like the way he thinks. Usually good things happen when you’re in the same room with people whose way you think, don’t you? “ he confided during an interview with The Ringer.

Moon Knight in Marvel comics
Moon Knight in Marvel Comics – Credit (s): Marvel Comics

The actor didn’t stop there when it came to compliments, as he also expressed his appreciation for the talent of the director of the series: “Mohamed Diab is going to do a good job. He’s a serious person, I don’t know if you’ve seen his films, but he’s a serious artist.” Ethan hawke also explained that he agreed to join the MCU because superhero movies are such an integral part of our time and cinema. Adding in particular that he would like to bring his own stone to the building, and help to change the genre by taking part. In Moon Knight, Ethan Hawke will play the role of a villain whose identity is still kept secret.

Credit: The Direct, The Ringer


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