The What If …? leaves us to think that Vision could have beaten Thanos in Infinity War. Is this really the case?

After questioning the power of Thor in Avengers: Infinity War, we wonder about Vision and his ability to defeat Thanos. In the anthology series What If …?, Ultron manages to carry out his plan and, as intended in Avengers: Age of Ultron, he finds himself in Vision’s body. In episode 8 of What If …?, We see Ultron beat Thanos who has 5 infinity stones with him unlike the robot who has only one. As we could see in What If …?, Ultron defeats Thanos very quickly: the Titan does not even have time to act against Ultron and finds himself disintegrated in a second. Ultron seems to have realized the power of the Mind Stone quickly. Thanos is described in Guardians of the Galaxy by Korath as the most powerful being in the entire universe, he is unbeatable. But after this sequence, one wonders: could Vision have beaten Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War?

Thanos recovers the Spirit Stone
Thanos recovers the Spirit Stone – Credit (s): Marvel Studios

We didn’t get to see Vision and Thanos face off in the movies of the MCU. Only, the clash between the two could have been fatal for Vision. Indeed, while in Scotland with Wanda, Vision is stabbed for the first time by one of Thanos’ children. He is then badly banged up in the final battle, in Wakanda, once again stabbed by one of Thanos’ men. Also, the attempt to extract the spirit stone from the Vision body did not help. All of these factors prevent Vision from being able to face Thanos properly. However, one imagines that if he had been able to ally himself with Wanda, before the Titan seized the Spirit Stone, the duo could have caused Thanos a lot of harm. Between them, they would surely have been able to weaken or slow him down, it is a confrontation that we would necessarily have liked to see. Expect to see clashes in the upcoming Marvel production: The Eternals which is already breaking a Phase 4 record!


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